Austrian Wines, including Meinklang, with Bill from Siema

January 26, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
220 20th St S
Arlington, VA 22202

This week we are lucky because Bill just returned from a whirlwind tour of Austrian vineyards, including visits to taste wines with winemakers from both properties that are on the Tasting Bar tonight!

Wine has been cultivated in Austria since the Bronze Age, with the Romans planting extensive vineyards in numerous regions, and over the centuries, the wine industry of the region has had its ups and downs! Today, Austria’s wines are now highly prized both by wine experts and wine lovers all around the world. Grown mainly on family farms, they are freshness driven wines grow with a respect for nature and which offer great value for money.

The Wines:

  •   Meinklang: Meinklang is more than a vineyard and winery. They are fully biodynamic (Demeter Certified) farm that raising Angus cattle (featured on their labels), pigs, horses, sheep, and chickens, plus they grown grains (for beer), fruit, and other agricultural products that are used on the farm. In addition, they have a Waldorf school and a brewery.
    • Foam White: The ancient method of sparkling wine – Petillant Naturel. Creamy from the yeast but still refreshing and crisp. A charming bottle of bubbles that will surprise you every second! No Added Sulphites
    • Pinot Noir: This 100% old vine Pinot Noir is a real charmer. Silky with wonderful fruit intensity and a nice earthiness. A wine to celebrate a wonderful evening and to enjoy with richer dishes, like game or beef.
    • Ancient Grains Ale: This unique beer is made from the heritage grains that are grown on the farm. Spelt, Emmer-wheat and Einkorn-wheat are known as the oldest grains of the world. Einkorn-wheat gives the robust spicy and nutty flavours to the beer. A unique beer from the one and only Demeter-brewery in the world.
  • Netzl: The region of Carnuntum was shaped by the Romans with a tradition that is carried on today by charismatic winemakers that take advantage of the unique climate and terrior. Netzl is a family-owned vineyard that has about 26ha of vines that are all hand-harvested and carefully sorted to assure that only the highest quality grapes make it into their wines. They specialize in Zweigelt, which covers about half of their land, and about 75% of their production is red wine.
    • Grüner Veltliner Classic: A great glass of fresh and exotic white wine! Juicy with delicate citrus notes and a nice peppery touch on the finish. Try this with Wiener schnitzel, roast and fried chicken, or any seafood.
    • Carnuntum Cuvée: A roughly equal blend of Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, and Merlot, this juicy dark fruited red is aged for 8 months in a combination of stainless steel and large neutral oak barrels. Elegant with nicely balanced tannins, this would work perfectly with roast duck, pork, or a cheese platter.meinklang netzl
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