New York & French Cider Tasting w/ Jenalyn

April 10, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
220 20th St S
Arlington, VA 22202

Tonight we have a combo tasting of ciders! We have New York and French ciders on the Tasting Bar from york cider

The French Ciders:

  • Le Brun Brut Cidre: Le Brun Cidres have been produced in Brittany, France since 1955. Ciders are made using the traditional method of natural fermentation from pure pressed juices from handpicked apples. It all starts with the fruit. The cidery selects superior quality apples (Kermerrien, Marie Ménard, Douce Moên, Peau de Chien, Douce Coëtligné). Aromas of sweet, ripe apples dominate the nose. The sweetness is nicely balanced by moderate acidity and light tannins drying it out on the finish with a beautiful woody note. A crisp, well balanced and an interesting cider. A cider with real depth and character that is an excellent value!
  • Domaine de la Minotiere Fermier Doux Cidre: Domaine de la Minotiere is a small 15-hectare single domaine of cider orchards cultivated under organic certification. Their specialty is traditional farmhouse cider produced both in a dry (Brut) and sweet (Doux) styles. Their orchards contain a variety of apple trees (Binet rouge, Bisquet, Noeldes champs, Clos renaux, Petit jaune, Peau de chien) that produce fruits with flavors such as sweet, bitter, or acidic. These contribute to the complexity of the final ciders. Using the traditional Normady methods, the apples are manually sorted, slowly pressed, and undergo natural fermentation. This cider is full-bodied and slightly sweet, with subtle apple character and a beautiful balance of acid, tannin, and sugar. It has a mix of citrus peel, fruity aromas of apricot and citrus fruit, and musty floral notes.

Wolffer Estate Ciders:

Perched on a rise overlooking the lush vineyards to the east and the gently rolling Hamptons landscape to the west, Wölffer Estate Vineyard is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and stylish on Long Island. Made from a selection of Apples grown by the Halseys of White Cap Farm in Bridgehampton, Long Island, and the DeFisher Farm in Rochester, New York, the Wölffer No. 139 Dry White and Dry Rosé Ciders are a fun and spirited pair of ciders. Through a carefully selective taste test, the blend of apples was chosen so that each variety could contribute its distinctive character.

  • Dry White Cider: Classically made, marrying traditional techniques with Wölffer Estate’s signature elegance. Delicate and lively with subtle citrus flavors. Best served chilled, Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider is easy to drink on its own. It also makes an able companion to a wide variety of party and picnic foods—hors d’oeuvres, salads and cheeses—as well as fruit pies and tarts. Pair our white cider with grilled meat (especially pork), seafood or vegetables, too. (17.6% Red Delicious, 8.2% Jonagold, 11.6% Idared, 5.5% Fiji, 8.7% Empire, 7.8% Honey Crisp, 4.7% Golden Delicious, 7.7% Mutsu, 6.3% Gala, 19.9% Misc. apples, 2.0% Asian Pear)
  • Dry Rosé Cider: Rosier and slightly sweeter than the white cider due to a dash of sweet potato extract. Best served chilled, this slightly effervescent cider makes an able companion to a wide variety of party and picnic foods—hors d’oeuvres, salads and cheeses—as well as fruit pies and tarts. Pair it with grilled meat (especially pork), seafood or vegetables, too. Or just enjoy it on its own! (20% Jonagold, 20% Mutsu, 15% Golden Delicious, 25% Idared, 10% Gold Rush, 10% Northern Spy)


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