Cider & Poiré of Eric Bordelet

October 10, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
220 20th St S
Arlington, VA 22202
Cider & Poiré of Eric Bordelet @ CCWS | Arlington | Virginia | United States

In 1992, Eric Bordelet, a sommelier at Arpege in Paris, returned to southern Normandy to take over his family’s estate and orchards. With the encouragement of his close friend, the iconic vigneron Didier Dageneau of Pouilly-sur-Loire, he began producing artisanal cider and poiré. Believing that they should be produced like wine, he grows more than 20 apple varieties and 15 pear varieties and works his land biodynamically to ensure that they are best adapted to quality fruit production. All of the fruit is hand-picked (or picked up, as is more appropriate) and put into wooden crates. It is left in a drafty cellar to dehydrate for three to five weeks before pressing (with only one exception, his single orchard cuvée Argelette). After pressing, fermentation begins, and the must is racked several times to clarify the juice and slow down the fermentation. It is then lightly filtered. The ciders are then bottled during this fermentation with varying amounts of residual sugar, without any chaptalization, and the very delicate mousse in the bottle is entirely from the primary fermentation and the very delicate bottling process. In addition to that, these are vintage ciders and poiré that can age wonderfully!

The Cider & Poiré:

  • Sidre Brut: A traditional dry cider (2-3g RS) with tons of character. This is what you get when you strip everything away and just make a cider that encapsulates what fermented apples taste like … this is like licking an apple skin but intensified! This is the perfect cider to pair with charcuterie, roast chicken, or even a steak.
  • Sidre Tendre: It seems sweet in comparison to the Sidre Brut and is the same juice, just with more sugar (24-25g RS) left in the final product. It is amazing the difference that makes! This is an easy drinking, patio sipper of a cider, full of fruited honey and baked apple notes that just invites you take another sip. This would pair wonderfully with anything from sausage with apples to a fruity dessert.
  • Poiré l’Authentique: A true perry with just a hint of residual sugar (11-12g RS). I could break out the wine terms for this one and the next one, but tasting is believing on these! Essence of pear stuffed into a glass … magnificent … and would go well with just about any cheese or just own its own as an aperitif.
  • Granit Poiré (aka Grand Cru): It is unlikely that you will find a more elegant or refined perry than this one from anywhere in the world! The tiny tear-drop shaped fruit that make this magical liquid come from a stand of 60-foot tall, 300-year-old pear trees on Eric Bordelet’s family estate. With a delicate mousse and complex flavors that are unparalleled, this would make a stunning substitute for Champagne at your next party! (9-10g RS)
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