Eden Specialty Cider

Special Event with Eden Ciders from Vermont! New to Virginia!

Today, we are proud to have Eleanor Léger, Founder and Co-Owner of Eden Specialty Ciders behind the tasting bar! Their specialty ciders reflect the cold winter climate and apple heritage of Northern New England. They make unique and innovative ciders that respect the rare and expensive apples they use. They refrain from aggressive manipulation and industrial processing techniques.

Eden works with traditional New England heirloom varieties, local seedling varieties, and Old-World varieties, including bittersweet cider varieties that originated in France and England. These apples come from their own Eden Orchards, their Northeast Kingdom fields and roadsides, and 7 other local orchards. Eden Orchards is grown biodynamically. Their long term partnerships with other growers help each other to cope with what mother nature throws at them. Buying their cider supports an entire network of people and their working landscape.eden

The Ciders:

  • Sparkling Dry: Naturally sparkling cider that is fermented and aged in French oak puncheons for a year, then bottled with a secondary fermentation that is created with fresh juice rather than sugar. After anther 6 months, each bottle is hand-disgorged, removing the yeast but retaining the vibrant natural effervescence of what is essentially methode champagnoise. This dry, tannic cider is make from 50% Kingston Black apples, with the remainder being traditional Vermont grown cider apples. Goes well with oysters, seafood, and vegetable dishes. 8.5% ABV, 0 g/L RS, 600 cases produced
  • Imperial 11° Rosé: Are you sparkling rosé wine lover? This may be the best one you have every had! The Imperial 11° Rosé Cider has the body, alcohol level and juiciness of a delicious drier rosé. It is made only from apples and red currants. No added sugar, coloring or other flavoring. The juice is freeze concentrated before fermentation by the winter weather in Northern Vermont, just like their ice cider, but to a lower level. Then it is co-fermented with red currant juice. Lightly carbonated, it is delicious and full-flavored. Perfect accompaniment for grilling out or just to sip on the patio! 11% ABV, 15 g/L RS
  • Heirloom Blend Ice Cider: Made from a blend of 15 locally grown, fresh traditional and heirloom varieties of apples. The juice is naturally cold-concentrated by the cold Vermont winter weather (if you have questions about that weather, ask Kelly). They use only yeast, organic yeast nutrient, and minimal sulfite additions – no enzymes, fining agents, color, sugar, or other flavorings or preservatives are used or added. (Note that apples are naturally gluten free). It takes them anywhere from 1 – 3 years to produce an ice cider, and over 8lbs. of apples for one beautiful 375ml bottle! This is the bottle of cider you grab to go with cheese or dessert. 10% ABV, 150g/L RS
  • Orleans Herbal Aperitif: This is a farm-to-bar alternative to many of the European aperitif wines commonly used in cocktails. Made in collaboration between Eden and  maître liquoriste Deirdre Heekin, these aperitifs contain only fruit and infused with herbs and roots – no dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial or industrial flavorings, or bulk alcohol. Using the same techniques and winter cold to concentrate fresh pressed cider from Vermont fruit, it is fermented dry and infused with a special blend of Vermont-grown herbs. A refreshing, aromatic wine, ORLEANS has delicate apple flavor and white floral, honey, and anise notes. Serve over ice with a twist of lime, or use it in cocktails. 15.5% ABV, 1% RS
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