National IPA Day Tasting with Smartmouth Brewing

August 3, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Happy National IPA Day!

On the first Thursday of August, join beer geeks, needs, and enthusiasts of all stripes to toast one of the most iconic of all craft beer styles: the India Pale Ale! Founded in 2011, IPA Day is a global event to celebrate craft beer where breweries, bars, and shops join in a collective “cheers” to their favorite beer, brand, or style of IPA. As a social media-based holiday, it gives everybody, everywhere an opportunity to celebrate their love for craft beer thru a celebration of its most popular style.

To help celebrate today, we are having Smartmouth Brewing behind the Tasting Bar!

The Beers:

  • Safety Dance Pilsner: “There was some dancing, then a fall, and then a broken elbow… so we brewed a low-ABV beer, a pilsner. Everything about this german-style lager is crisp and clean. Its faint herbal aromas; its hint of sweetness; and its slight bitterness are sure to please traditional beer drinkers & seasoned craft lovers alike. Refreshing and smooth, Safety Dance keeps you dancing all night long.” 4.8% ABV, 26 IBU
  • Sommer Fling Hefeweizen: “Sommer Fling is as easy and satisfying as a summer love. Clove and bubblegum dominate the aroma of this traditional German-style hefeweizen, which boasts a hint of banana on the tongue. It pours cloudy with the pale golden tone of a setting sun. This effervescent brew, full of no-strings-attached deliciousness, will linger until the carefree summer turns to autumn.” 5% ABV, 11 IBU
  • Rule G IPA: “Rule G is the railroad industry’s policy against drinking on the job. With tracks running right into the brewery, we spite Rule G daily. Outrageously dry-hopped, this beer has a big hop nose and a dry clean finish that accentuates its citrus and grapefruit undertones. It is a bold beer that can stand up to bold flavors.” 7% ABV, 88 IBU
  • Notch 9 DIPA: “Notch 9 gets its unusual name from the 8 notch positions on a locomotive’s throttle, with each one delivering progressively more power. Notch 9 ratchets it even higher. It is a double IPA with a citrusy aroma from a crazy amount of dry hops. As it flows over your palate, you’ll sense grapefruit and pine. It washes down with a dry crisp finish. Incredibly smooth and straw in color, it delivers the goods on strength. Sip this beer alongside a plate of cured meats or bacon to boost the umami and saltiness of the dish. Pair it with a funky cheese like Stilton or sharp cheddar.” 9.1% ABV, 88 IBUIPA Day
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