New & Seasonal Beers

March 16, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Crystal City Wine Shop
Crystal City Shops
220 20th St S, Arlington, VA 22202

Tonight we are going to be sampling some great new, exciting, and seasonal additions to the Shop! Some are local, some are imports, and all are great! Come out and join the staff with we taste through these exciting and unique beers …

The Beers:

  • Right Proper White Bicycles Rustic Witbier: (Growler Station Special) “This rustic witbier is brewed with black limes and Mandarina Bavaria hops and fermented in 45 hl French oak foudres with our house mixed-culture of wild yeasts. Citrusy, delightfully dry and refreshing. The Brettanomyces employed in the fermentation process produce a bone-dry refreshing take on a traditional witbier.” 5.3% ABV
  • Smuttynose Cherry Short Weisse: The third entry in their canned Short Weisse series. A very refreshing beer that is perfect for the Cherry Blossom festival! From Smuttynose: “Smuttynose Short Weisse beers are made with a time consuming two-part fermentation process that happens in both the brewhouse and the fermenter. The first stage takes place in the kettle with a dose of our house lactobacillus, a bacteria that’s a key component in making yogurt and sour cream. The second phase takes place in the fermenter with a German-style hefeweizen yeast. This time consuming process means we can only make limited amounts of Short Weisse beers.” 5.2% ABV 10 IBU
  • Onmipollo Nautilus: An American Wild Ale brewed with blueberry, vanilla and lactose sugar, it was inspired by the milk left after your cereal and smells like an awesome milkshake. It is full of tart blueberries and creamy sweetness. If you like sours and need a perfect spring beer, this is it! 4.5% ABV
  • O’hara’s Irish Stout: “The flagship of the O’Hara’s brand, this uniquely Irish stout brings one back to how Irish stouts used to taste. O’Hara’s Irish Stout has a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel. The generous addition of Fuggle hops lends a tart bitterness to the dry espresso-like finish. This sessionable stout beer is filled with rich complex coffee aromas mingled with light liquorice notes. The combination of traditional stout hops with an extra pinch of roast barley allows us to stay true to Irish tradition, recreating a taste so often yearned for by stout drinkers.” 4.3% 40 IBU
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