Not Your Average Belgium Beer Tasting

May 11, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Crystal City Wine Shop
Crystal City Shops
220 20th St S, Arlington, VA 22202

We are fortunate here at the Shop that we are able to get beers from some of the smaller breweries in Belgium through the work of Twelve Percent Imports. They travel the world to bring everything from die-hard traditionalist to ground-breaking modernists to our shelves! All of their brewers have on thing in common, they are crafting some of the finest examples of beer being made around the world today. On tonight’s tasting bar, we are featuring two of their Belgium brewers: Hof ten Dormaal & ‘T Gaverhopke.

Hof ten Dormaal:

Brouwerij Hof ten Dormaal located in Tildonk, Belgium began operations in May of 2009. Prior to that, it existed as a family farmstead dating back several centuries. The brewery is very traditional, yet strictly ecological. This is not an ordinary brewery. It is a nearly 100% self-sustaining brewery. They grow all their own grain, grow all their own hops, cultivate their own yeast strain, and even power the brewery with rapeseed oil that they themselves would produce. Ambitious, yes. Crazy, one could argue. But the dream is now indeed a reality, and as far as we know, there’s no other commercial brewery anywhere else in the world doing anything quite like it. To make matters better…their beers are stunning. Simple, yes, but they are designed to be – each brew containing a single grain, single hop, and single yeast strain. Original Belgian farmhouse ales brewed strictly via traditional methods.

  • Blond: According to their website, this is “a simple beer of malt, barley and hops. That’s it.” This unfiltered beer is a well-rounded, nuanced, and pleasing example of the Belgian farmhouse style. 8% ABV
  • Saison: An “old school” saison, slightly sour but still light, savory, and just a touch peppery. 5.5% ABV

‘t Gaverhopke:

From ‘t Gaverhopke, a tiny brewpub in West Flanders, Belgium, Twelve Percents bring you some extraordinary beers, until recently unavailable anywhere outside the confines of the brewery – which opens to the public only on weekends. It is (or was) there and only there that the beer can be had. They found it at Kulminator years ago, but they weren’t on the official menu there. And, after a life changing experience for the guys that started Twelve Percent (and a simplification of their story), it is the reason they got into the import business! The brewery was founded in 1994 and taken over in 2007 by Gudrun Vandoorne and Bruno Delrue. The small traditional family brewery moved in July 2015 to the chateau “Goed te Nieuwenhove”.

  • Bitter Sweet Symphony: A Belgian Double IPA that is a collaboration brewed with Tired Hands Brewing. Slightly spicy with nice tropical fruit and grapefruit notes. 7.8% ABV
  • Extra: A Belgian quadruple ale that malty-rich and moderately sweet. This is a boozy beer with notes of chocolate and just a touch of hoppy bitterness. 12% ABV
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